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About us

About us. 
Open and diverse
This is our team and the people that make everything happen.
Gabriel Lajmanovich
Gabriel is director of the 256ideas office in Buenos Aires and has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology projects.He has worked for multinational companies in Argentina, USA and Spain as a senior developer, project leader, DBA,project manager and IT manager before creating his own company. He has consolidated experience in software, training and business IT areas working for the health, telcommunications, education, retail and internet sectors. He is a professor for the University of Social and Economic Sciences specializing in database engineering and is also passionate about entrepreneurship.
Brian Gora
Technical consultant
Brian has more than 20 years of experience in the IT sector. During this time he has worked for different multinational companies as a senior developer, project lead, software development and product department director. He has vast experience in software development processes and has successfully implemented multiple projects for the health, education, entertainment and telecommunication industry around the world. He masters the latests technologies for web, mobile and desktop development and loves UI/UX design, algorithm optimization and database tuning. He's also a huge music fan, a drummer and he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.
Angela Dunbar
Biz consultant
Angela, MBA is executive director of 256ideas and manager of the Barcelona office. She is a specialist in eHealth and Health Information and Knowledge Management Systems. She has 13 years experience in international projects in health information systems in Canada, the USA, Europe, and Africa. She has supported both private and public organizations in eHealth adoption and using ICT for knowledge management. She has a particular interest in cross-domain knowledge management through ICT, management expertise with expertise in research, education and health sectors in developing countries.
Fernando Abramowitz
Technical consultant
Fernando is a systems admin ninja with code development background and over 15 years of experience. He has worked in the public and private sector inside huge datacenters and has built pretty awesome tools for the education industry. He is a basketball fan and player, enjoys biking the mountains and playing with his son.
Debora Edelberg
Web Designer
Débora is the freelance designer for 256ideas, where she uses her knowledge to create modern and user friendly interfaces. She is obsessed with users' happiness and clean code. She has been working for more than 8 years on the Web, doing design, usability and front-end development work. She, also, takes singing classes and is passionate about music.
Ariel Faur
Technical consultant
Ariel is a design+code guru. He has over 20 years of IT experience as a software developer working for multinational companies and has actually taken his work with him to various parts of the world. He is passionate about great software design and user interfaces and is a music fanatic who loves playing his guitar.
Sebastian Sperling
Media consultant
Sebastian produces magic with his content and multimedia production skills. He is the guy behind our multimedia products and training videos as well as the brain behind some of our clients marketing deliverables.

What makes us different

• We have experience with large, medium and small companies, local and international
• We are passionate about our work in information technology
• We provide personalized service to our clients (we are small but like to think big)
• We believe in effective communication! Some of us are public speakers at conferences, companies, non-profit organizations and even university professors.


Why 256ideas?

A short story. When we created the company we wanted to symbolize “thinking out of the box”, “think big”, and “be creative” and we also wanted to be identified through words that were easy to communicate, neutral, were international and crossed country borders. This is how we knew that we liked "ideas", which was also our philosophy and how we wanted to work with our clients. Later on we decided to add a prefix which would make the name original and distinctive. We then thought of the number 256, which honored the beloved byte (2 to the 8th power) and the digital system. We joined 256 with ideas and got our name, 256ideas !!!

Goals and values that guide our work

• Pay close attention to quality, methodology and commitment to our clients
• Be honest, realistic and gain client trust and loyalty by performing as expected
• Demonstrate skills and knowledge through our products and services
• Obtain recognition for our quality of people, services and results
• Consider latest technologies and their positive impact on society