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This is what we do.
Innovative and professional services provided to our clients all over the world.

Web application development

Corporate portals
Sitios multilingue
Mapping tools
Complex data visualizations

Web Design and Communication

Social Media
Responsive web design

Knowledge Management

Herramientas de Gestón y Colaboración
Gestión de comunidades online
Redes sociales
Comunidades de práctica
Gestión de documentos

Training solutions

E-Learning platforms
Content development
Multimedia production
Project management and coordination

How we work

Simple but effective

In general, we perform these phases in our projects:

• Definition of user requirements and scope
• Design architecture / solution type
• Development and implementation
• Tuning, monitoring and quality review
• Training and support

These phases are iterative, considering the natural appearance of change in any organization, the continuos evolution of technology, it's impact on business and the possibility of generating and using opportunities that arise.


Agile and productive

We like to be agile and produce reliable results:

• Translating an idea into a reality that meets customer expectations
• Ensure the project is on course and that everyone is on board during each project stage
• Encourage the client and the team itself with deliverables completed and short term goals accomplished


Tailored Solutions

Many customers need a “tailored” solution to meet their needs.  Our aim is offer this level of “tailored” service by finding reasonable opportunities to complex challenges and personal needs that each organization has.


Accompanying clients

We work hard to build long-lasting, committed relationships with our customers and partners. We want to be there when our clients need us.


Professional and informal

We strive to demonstrate professionalism in our work each and every day.  We feel comfortable working in multi disciplinary environments and in different locations and cultures. Our managemnent team has lived in 3 different continents and have worked for companies of medium and large scale.


Transparent and honest

We build relationships of mutual trust by saying things as they truly are.  Continuous dialogue with our clients and partners is critical to have clear expectations and illustrate the progress of our projects.

Why trust us with projects

• Over 15 years of experience in big, medium and small sized projects
• Successful project implementations for the public and private sector in several countries around the world
• Demonstrated ability to plan and execute visions and ideas into practical and feasible project tasks
• Small company with a handful of employees and a management team involved in all project phases
• Excellent human resources with superb academic backgrounds and technical skills
• Comfortable in different working environments, social settings and used to multidisciplinary teams
• Demonstrated ability to learn and adapt for different purposes and objectives
• Highly energetic, proactive and results driven team
• Geographically dispersed workforce with convenient time zones
• Multilingual staff